CS479/579 - Web Programming II


  1. Exercise 1:

    Create a 'Hello, world' HTML webpage

  2. Exercise 2:

    Create a calander in HTML and a submission form.

  3. Exercise 3:

    Create a dynamic box sizing took using JavaScript.

  4. Exercise 4:

    Create a decimal/hex/octal/binary number display using JavaScript.

  5. Exercise 5:

    Create a simple message board using PHP and JSON.

  6. Exercise 6:

    Create a simple message board using PHP and a proper database using MySQLi

  7. Exercise 7:

    Create a paginated software package viewer.

  8. Exercise 8:

    Create a inventory database from text files using PHP and MySQLi.

  9. Exercise 9:

    Create a simple storefront using the inventory database in PHP w/ MySQLi.

  10. Exercise 10:

    Create a simple JavaScript gradebook that updates to a backend database via AJAX.