CS479/579 - Web Programming II

Course Description

"Advanced programming for the World Wide Web and the Internet. This course includes three approaches: the older CGI/PERL, Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP), and Sun's Java Server Pages (JSP). The course also includes the setup and configuration of World Wide Web servers including Apache and Microsoft's IIS."

In terms of depth, the course approximately 1/4 HTML/CSS web design and 3/4 JavaScript/PHP/MySQL programming in the web environment. Those who have done well in CS170/CS202 should be familiar with most of the programming concepts used in this course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Most important prerequisite skills/knowledge:
    • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (ECMAScript) in the browser
    • HTML forms
  • Most important skills/knowledge gained:
    • Client side ECMAScript-ing and server side PHP scripting and MySQL.
    • Understanding of basic web security concepts.

Recommended text

Most information required for the course is available on-line. Sources that can be used for the course include the following.