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Version: 1.9b5
License: artistic
Download tarball:

  This is Sac, which stands for System ACcounting or maybe Steve's AC... =)

  This program is absolutely free and is freely distributable open source
with no limitations on copying or redistribution. This software is provided
as is without any express or implied warranties, including, without
limitation, the implied warranties of merchant-ability and fitness for a
particular purpose.

  Feel free to improve it if you can. There are no restrictions on in-house
modifications, although I do ask that in the spirit in which sac is offered
you submit back useful changes. Wtmp documentation I have really is lacking
and so I may not be handling some certain cases, althought I have gone to
great lengths to handle everything I know about, even time warps. A nice
graphical front end for showing pretty graphs of usage would be nice, and
perhaps a GUI front end for controlling it's myriad options.  A wtmp
decorruptor would also be nice.

  You can for the time being contact me via e-mail at ice@mama.indstate.edu.
I'll try and help you add in new features or whatever else you need.  The
primary stable distribution site is:


And the primary unstable site is:


  This was developed on Linux, for Linux... You're welcome to port it to
other systems, but I don't have the time nor the resources to devote to
troubleshooting and porting to other systems.  If you wish to use this on
any other unix, you're basically on your own, unless it actually pertains to
the operation of sac, and not to system specific porting issues (for which
there should really be none).

  Support for radius and tacacs terminal servers is an essential feature of
sac, and if sac does not support your version of tacacs or radius, please
feel free to contact me for support.

						- Steve Baker
						  UNIX System Administrator