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Implements a schedule printer (week view.) The 'main' tab describes the minimum day/hours that should be printed. Each additional tab added is one scheduling item (such as when a class meets.) Schedules can be saved and loaded to/from localStorage. 'Make Schedule' then makes a page showing the schedule, suitable for printing (make sure that printing background colors is enabled when printing.)
Incomplete attempt to integrate a vt100 (w/ ANSI color) emulation in a browser for playback of the typescript output of the script command and also optionally couple it with recorded audio. I may return to this project at some point as I think it would be an excellent way to make low-ish bandwidth terminal 'videos'.
Basic attempt at a multi-user editor using the Ace editor. Does work somewhat okish, so long as no one gets disconnected during the session. Requires a running node web-socket server for broadcast of change events.